Sunday, May 29, 2011

Well feeling a little bit better about things today.

Thanks guys! I appreciate it you having my back...well at least in a cyber pet you on the head cause your ice cream feel of your cone kind of way that you have it.:)
I thought about calling for his supervisor except he is the director of the facility.....yeah.
It just sucks because in my go big or go home way I was actually thinking "Sweet God is turning the tide I could get hired here transfer mom if it is a really good place and move back to my home town and dah dah dah." You know all smoke and glitter covered type pipe dreams.
Oh!!! An odd thing happened yesterday in relation to this. I got a voice mail and it was from him. No he wasn't apologizing. Apparently i missed the voice mail somehow and just got the missed call notice and had called back from it. Any hoo ol' boy left a message about the who, what and where and why being he wanted to set up a interview. Well on that voice mail is also a moment where you can here some one in the back ground and he yells at them for interrupting and goes back to leaving me a message like nothing happened!wth?????? He verbally beotch slapped the poor woman in the back ground! If I had heard the message when he left it (still not sure why it came through the next day) I would have never even thought of calling back. I mean i do want a job. Unemployment sucks in that you don't get them same as what you used to make and there is only so much tv you can handle in a day. Or reading, internet, or housework for that matter. But I honestly would not last long there. I can already feel in my bones that he would do that to some one infront of me and Lord help us all me and my big mouth would be on it like a dog wallering a dead animal!
Well if that last line didn't tell you I am southerner I don't know what ever will!

On a lighter note, and if your stell wondering if I am actually southern or not, I baked cookies for the boy today. Home made, from scratch choclate chip oreo stuffed cookies! They are deadly! I would post a pick of them if I knew how because every woman should have these babies in their recipe box.

Hope you all are doing way better than me! As for myzzzzself I thzzzz..i..zzzznnkk I fezzz..eelzzzzl azz nap cccoooo zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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The Path Traveled said...

Oh My! He really needs someone to put a pillow case over his head and teach him a lesson in a dark alley... I'm from the South too! lol!
Cookies sound delish.