Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday whupped up on me!

Long day of working on mom's diabiity paperwork again. I wrote a new pen dry working on it last night! I have also spent 3 hours on the phone today with her dr.s in paducah and tn trying to get them to get disability the papers they need for her claim.
I ate micky d's for lunch. Not such a great idea.
I then ran errands, went and picked up my son from school and took him for after school snack. I came home and just got a casserole in the oven for dinner when my phone rings and flashes the rehab center's name. My first reaction was oh no! When I answered the phone it was mom demanding to go home. Well long story short the boy and I went to visit and explain the dr is not ready to discharge her yet. We did sign her out to take her by her house to check on things as she said she would be happy if she could just do that. Well we went by her place and drove around some other places. Taking her back to rehab she became highly aggitated and refused to talk to me. Then when will start to pull into rehab she starts telling me no. I explained to her again the dr isn't ready for her to go home yet. Then when we parked she refused to get out of the truck. After 15 minutes of me asking and her refusing she got out but hollard at me demanding her keys because she would just leave later. Ok ok ok. We get her inside and i update nurses on what we did and how things went. One nurse was nice enough to tell me it was probably a bad idea to check her out. No really? You think? Huh I would have never guessed.
I go back to her room and between my son and I we got her settled down and settled in. She asked me not to call the dr and when I asked why I would call the dr she said not to call him and ask him to keep her there. I am still not sure how the breaking on the inside of me at that moment didn't crack through to the outside. I told her I would never do that. And I told her if she needed me to live with her when she can go home I would. She then asked about my son and his going to school. I said he could still stay at home and go to school or I would put him in school in her hometown and take him and pick him up each day. She then nodded her head at me.

Let me back track to going to her house though for a bit as my son and I had to go back after leaving her. When we went by earlier going in I discovered her door was completly unlocked. Odd since I and my son check it each time and only she has keys to it. Mom also mentioned when she looked in her bedroom it looked like someone had beeen on her bed. Like had laid on top of the cover on it. I went out back to check things out and found part over fence is broke and the plants beside it trampled. So some one has been messing with my mother's home. I found out the neighbor's kids are running wild around my mom's home from another neighbor and so one police report later and a planned trip to pick up some light timers I am hoping this is the worest of it. I just can't believe people! My mom is the kind of neighbor who has your why can't her's at least respect her and reel their kids in?

Dinner was chic fila, waffle fries and lemonade........I so don't wnat to weigh in tommorrow. Well poop. make that today as it is now 12:02am! ugh!

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