Tuesday, May 17, 2011

And it is only Tuesday!

I swear it feels like a week should have already passed but no such luck! It is only Tuesday. I am so tired I could curl up in the bathroom floor, barricade the door and cry myself to sleep while sucking my thumb. And I am not ashamed to admit it.

We looked at another rehab place for momma. Fell in love and then they ask what her insurance is...which they don't take. Come on people. Found out her dr has been sitting on her paper work for two weeks on top of the other one sitting on it for 6 weeks. And the people waiting for the papers say they call every three days until they get it....which...you guessed it they didn't. How do all this people keep getting a paycheck for not doing their jobs? Oh and the people waiting for the papers and I were on the phone when at one point the woman i was talking with berated how I have handled things and that I have done everything wrong and i must get paperwork that doesn't concern her from the people it does concern as it has private medical information on it. I finally told her after she accused me....me...she accused me of being irrational and telling me to get a hold of myself that she needed to worry about her part and the paper work that concerns her that she didn't keep in touch over on any level so far and not tell me how to take care of one of the few aspects of this whole sitaution that are taken care of absolutly the way they should be.
I can not believe the woman called me irrational and all that phooey. And this was her reply when I simply asked her " what do I need to do to get you what you need today to start getting my mom her disability again?". I said it nicely enough that when she started yelling at me on the phone my son was even shocked.
I think I need some migraine meds and a nap until Thursday or Friday rolls around.

Oh an i still have to go grocery shopping tonight.

And I have not lost any weight this week. I maintained but still......it sucks.

What day is this again? Tuesday? Are you sure? Maybe the calendar is off?

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