Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I hate turtles!

well not all turtles. I like the small quarter sized ones. And Love the pecan ones! The ones I hate are the ones you are when your weight just sights there.
AAAaarrggghhhh! for two weeks now when I weigh in I am told "woohoo you turtled!" and for the life of me I have to promise myself a pecan turtle if I don't smack the person saying it. I mean come on, if I was at goal then yeah woohoo but I am so far from goal it is not even a twinkle in my eye yet!
"WOOHOO you turtled"....stupid, flipping, ggrrhhgghh.

If the scale hadn't been one of those expensive digital one I would have kicked it.

Maybe the rest of the day will be better.

Oh and carpiest of it all? The weightloss group I go to are going to all try to follow Points Plus! What the heck??? They aren't weight watchers and if you read past posts you will see why this is such a issue for me! I just about smacked my head on the table when I heard it today! June 21st as a group we are going to follow points plus. There will be a prgram discussing how to do it. Which I should add when I talked to the person doing the program....yeah it is gonna be a mess! Olive are free they said. Eat as much fruit as you desire...it's free! Green peas are free to! I was like um no. I felt like the got in the aflac ommercial ""nah" "nah" "nah".
I akse dwhat they were going to do about calulator's for the program. The person leading the Donner party towards the California promise of Weight Watcher's with out the knowldge was all "I have the math they use to figure it out...we don't need the calculators". Ooooyyeee this is going to be a hot mess!
And I know I don't have to do it if I don't want to but this has been a huge headaache shapped debate in my head for a while. And dang it! I just made peace with sparkpeople yesterday when they rolled out sparkpeople d!

Can I have two pecan turtles? One for each hand and all?


bbubblyb said...

"Turtle" sounds like TOPS to me :) A turtle is better than a gain I say. As for following weight watchers I say do what you want to do. If it is TOPS it's about following whatever plan that works for you.

You asked where we were going in KY, a little town called West Liberty. I looked it up on the map compared to where you are and it's like 6 hours apart.

From what I read about parakeets I do think we have two male birds but they look so darn cute together that was why we got both of them so they wouldn't be separated. I figure we will just continue to pretend the smaller of the two is a girl since we already named her Josie :)

Hope you have a good day and don't have to many run ins with your crazy neighbors.

Wendy said...

lol josie could be short for joseph;)

It is TOPS. I was just floored with the we are gonna do weight watchers announcement today. I was just shocked because honestly no one there at the moment has done the new points plus and I just fet like they are really not getting it. You can't eat fruit til your eyes bug out just becuase it is free per serving! And i am not too sure how the person thinks they have the math figured out but honestly I see several ticked off people by the time this is said and done. I dunno I could be wrong and hopefully I am. It is just not sitting well with me right now.

West Liberty...is that near Lexington?