Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just a few of the things I have on my mind tonight.

From tonight's episode of Criminal Minds, William Glasser - "What happened in the past that was painful has a great deal to do with what we are today."

A phrase that I pretty much think of on a daily baisis "The things we carry with us." I googled it to see if it was a quote I may have heard in my english lit luck. If any one knows of one it belongs to let me know though!

And have just finnished watching "Seven Pounds". And for some reason since it is showing back to back I am watching it again. Maybe I just need a good heart wrenching cry?

One last thing, but the one I would give any thing for, I if could trade places with my mom I would. In a heart beat. No second thoughts. Today she has called me, ironically enough, 7 times. And each time, for a brief moment my mind tricks me and it is like holding the past in my fingers just for it to slip away. Last night when we visited she complained of not having my number so I wrote it down on several post it notes and placed them around her room taping over them to keep them in place. I am glad I did so she can call me.....I just, yeah.

Last night she also asked me a few different times to go get her daughter for her. I am her only child.

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Debbie said...

First things Hugs to you and your Mom. My mom will be 70 her next birthday and I am lucky that she is so active and has her right mind. I did stop and call her though for just a chat this morning. Thanks for reminding me how much she means to me....