Friday, May 27, 2011

How to be totally excited and then crushed in about 20 minutes.

Well I got my first call for a interview since being fired in dec of last year (whole other post in it's self for another day) and withing 20 minutes no longer had the interview.

I called and was scheduled and being the ocd over achiever I am I went to their web site to start refreshing myself about them. I happened to think I should eyeball the job description as well. Well I noticed it seemed different and (because I am ocd i copied and pasted the orginal job description I applied to and saved it in a word doc.)when I checked my saved copy it was different by several lines. One line which was new stated requiring a social workers license. Well ok....hhmmmm. So i called the interviewer back to ask about it. I told him I did not have the licenses part of the requirements. He asked "well what do you have then? " I told him my degrees and additional areas to which he replied " is that all?let me grab your resume...oh wait i remember now...(and i am quoting) your resume was terrible and too hard to read. you know what your wasting my time just cancel this( i assume the interview) and hung up on me.

I have a Bachelors and Masters with two areas of focus. I feel so punched in the stomach right now.

Yeah I guess that is all.


The Path Traveled said...

What? That was very unprofessional on his part! Sounds like he needs a degree in business since its ovious he had no people skills. I'm sorry!

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

I cannot believe he said that! What the holy hell? I want to kick him. Screw that - if that guy works there - you do NOT want to interview there. Wow. You should call and ask for his supervisor and tell him what he said to you. wow...I'm so sorry. xoxo