Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Not too bad a day all in all.

Tonight we went for a drive. Well we started out going to LBL (Land Between the Lakes for anyone not familiar with "LBL") to go to eat at this little burger stand. I figured out when we got there that I forgot it was Tuesday and the burger place is closed on Tuesday:( So then we headed to drive by the locks and damn dam (sorry little Lampoon humor for you there) because all the locks are open to allow for all the flooding water coming through. It was crazy to see all the locks open! Last year this time I don't think but half of them were open when Tn had all their flooding but I could be wrong. So any way we stoppped by a pizza place for dinner which was so so.Kind of dissapointed since I have heard all this raving about it and it didn't really live up to it. After we eat the fam gets back on the road and we go see momma at rehab. She was pretty popular tonight. Two of her other friends were there and it was starting to be standing room only. I was glad though she and I had some alone time at the end where I got her old nail polish off her and helped her get settled for the night.
I didn't get to weigh in this morning....now for the second week in a row:( the person with the scale is flooded in:( :( :( He is ok though. I told him call if he needed anything....we could float things across on one of those pool rafts or some such if nothing else :)
I almost went back to Weight Watchers tonight.....because I couldn't weight today and because I miss the nice people there. But it will be ok.

I have started taking blood pressure meds. Apparently the stress is getting to me. On Easter Sunday my bp was crazy high. So let's hope the meds help.....which let me just add one is a, oh shoot...what is it called? I remember hearing women call them their "water pill" back in the day. Well "water pill" is a good nickname! ooyyeee!
It is doing it's job which is good but wow!

Oh and on the job search front I recieved a few rejection emails today. Last week I was all thrilled with this apply online part of job searching but this week when rejection comes via email....not so much.

I have also delt with alot of mom's affairs/business today. People really are beyond me with how they act at times. And while I am sure I am probably beyond others with my actions at times today has really been a day and a half of attitude!

But all in all it has not been too bad of a day. We have a roof and dry clothing. We had a nice dinner out as family. I saw momma and visited with her and friends. And honestly it coudld all be so much more worse! So thank you Lord for letting me keep my momma even with all I have to get done for her. Thank you for my son and husband and our family time. And oh what the hey thank you even for my cat who even as I type is promptly cutely killing a roll of paper towels under the desk :) Your a pretty good provider Lord!


Kimberlynn said...

I love that even though life is hard right now, you're choosing to be thankful and have a good attitude. That's the key.

I'm still sorry you stopped going to Weight Watchers. I'm a big fan ya know. I hope to one day be a WW leader. Who knows?

Be blessed!

Wendy said...

You know what? Your such an awesome source of support and positivity! Thank you for that:)
I am wanting to go back to weightwatchers ......I miss the people and I have thought of asking if I can still be a real member even if I can only afford to weigh in every two or three weeks.
You want to hear silly though? It isn't like I can't do the plan on my own at home. I mean I have the info and calculator.but for some reason it seems like I am breaking some rule or doing wrong if I do.....don't know why.

Kimberlynn said...

Hey Wendy...from what I know about Weight Watchers, I don't think you can weigh in every two or three weeks. Once you're a member, you have to pay weekly. So though that may not help you out financially, I have some other ideas that might.

First, you could do Weight Watchers online. It's less expensive and would still offer you some support and accountability. I've never done this myself because I like the one on one, face to face kind of support. But it does work for many people.

My other idea is to just do the program at home and use your blog for support and accountability. That would be completely free. Either way, the most important thing is to not give up!!!

You can do this girl...so just do it!!!