Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday ppppffffffff!

Well laid on the couch and ate. Played on the computer and ate.
I ate 1/3 of my extra thick rolled oats with splenda and smart balance, a bake potato with smart balance and butter, half a totino's party pizza, a single serve packet of smooth operator peanut butter, too much chez mix, too much pasta with roasted veggie and turkey bolognese, along with a huge amount of garlic cheese bread and a 20 ounce coke. I was going to top it all of with a blizzard but stopped myself.

I also had a call from a friend earlier. She was odd acting on the phone Or at least I feel she was acting odd. I applied for a position a several of weeks ago and asked her to read my cover letter. Well she took her time about it and I just figured oh well she forgot or something asked someone else to do it and sent it in. She called a few days after that to say she was going to look at it the next day and email it back. I was surprised and said I had already sent it in. She then proceeds to tell me everything that was wrong with didn't you say you were going to look at it the next day? How does she ...anyway.
Well the next time I hear from her is a day or two later and she tells me she has been applying for jobs and when I ask her what types she s me "such and such professional". Which I found odd because one I have never in the ten years I have known her heard her speak of any such interest and two it is the same type of job I am applying for. Um ok. Well ain't that nice? And so fast forward to tonight (two weeks since I last heard from here btw), she calls wanting to know if I have heard anything about it yet and when 8 tell her nothing beyond cinforming my application was register she seemed eager to get off the phone. Maybe it is just me but for some reason a voice inside me is saying she applied for the same job after she heard about it from me. Maybe I am being petty but when I was first telling her about it she wanted all the tiny details of where I found the add and such. But when I asked about the place she applied to for the same type position she would only say here and there. She also became upset sounding when I told her a long time family friend is on the board of directors. I was telling her this because he is also one of my referances on my resume. I told her I had spoken to him about wether he preffered I take him on or off the resume and to let him know I was applying as well as to find out more about the "position" and its goals as well as to also say I wasn't looking for a "in" so to speak but I felt since the situation was odd that I should let him know that I was applying. He said he was fine with being on my resume and if there was an issue he would remove himself from the search committee as well. But I am getting off track. Something keeps nagging at me that she applied for the job as well nd that she is keeping it from me. I do think I am better suited for the job. I have the background, personal and professional experience. Not to mention I have a Masters Degree to her Bachelors. I also hold the same belief system as this position is looking for. I guess now would be a good time to add the detail the position is with a non profit organization with the baptist denomination as a strong factor in it's practices.
But all this aside...the voice is still there nagging at me. I mean she was talking about going back to school to be a nurse and a few days later she is applying for a similar position???? I am trying hard not to be petty about this and keep nice about it all. but the nagging feeling just keeps a nagging.

Please send positive vibes. I don't want to feel this way about this. I can use all the prayers and good thought I can get....I really want this job!

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