Sunday, May 22, 2011

My neighbor's undies

Title pretty much says it all. Got a call from neighbor last night, she needed things and was not (she says) able to leave her daughter....mostly it was a want thing. But I digress. Goober here answers the call and takes a list of needs from her house to bring her.

UNDERWEAR.(yes it was clean but still!)

Lines were crossed when i had to touch other people's bare feet to put their shoes on them yesterday.I absolutly hate feet. I think socks should be worn year round so as not to put sock makers out of business and their families on the street. But when I need to, I am willing to take one for the team and get what needs to be done done. As well as I can at times suck it up and bottle up my freak out and have it in the comfort of my own home, but underwear! And they had no flipping tongs in their kitchen either! I stood there in front of the drawer or drawers and lord bless me I gagged on my own panic. When I go to the laundromat I grab up ours in a bunch and secret them into a laundry basket like a ninja secreting away whatever their life may depend on.
I am also the girl who when her brother's ex wife was trying on wedding dresses and I saw parts of her I feel only my brother should have ever seen of anyone in our family couldn't look at her in the face for months! And carp if I wasn't who she wanted to have dress her on her wedding day since I helped her through all her try ons.
But where were we? Oh yeah in front of the drawers. Oh my giddy aunt Gertrude! Lines people! LINES have been crossed! Plain ones, neighborly ones, emotional ones and panty ones.

Forget what I said about wanting to live in the country....I want to live in ANOTHER country now. In the counrty area of another country just to be sure.


The Path Traveled said...

That is too funny. I am still laughing.

Wendy said...

So is my husband. I just midly traumatized though now ;)