Saturday, May 21, 2011

Neighbor drama aside.....

After some more goings on tonight with the neighbors the hubs and I went to dinner. At some point during eating I realized I treat everytime I eat like an event. I eat like I am celebrating and unless I want to celebrate yet another size larger I need to pump the brakes on this behavior.
It was sad becuase I hadn't even ordered and I was already thinking "hey i need ice cream after this." during eating the thought was " i need to buy a colts boltz or two for later tonight when I am reading." stopped at gas station on the way home "i need peanut butter m&ms". I did good and didn't get any of this stuff but I can't help but wonder what makes me tick like this?

Do any of you think this way or did you once uppon a long time ago? How did you stop or get over doing this?

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