Friday, May 20, 2011

More blah blah blah

Well I slept. Some.
I am so worn out I think I did amazing to even eat a third of my oatmeal today. But then last night was also a binge fest. I was just beyond hungry. I had 2 salmon patties, too much tomato mac, stewed potatoes, a badked potato with some smart balance and a slice of cheese, a large frozen coke, and maybe some other stuff ..oohhh wait 1/3 slice of coconut pie with short bread crust and meringue, and some cantaloup. Yep I THINK that is all of it from dinner to bed. I didn't eat breakfast which i wasn't hungry when i got up yesterday but I did eat lunch which was salmon patties, tomato mac, and stewed potatoes. And noshed here and there on the evil tomatoe mac which I am from here on out going to liken to the devil.

Today is today. I told hubs last night that I am just going to sit on my butt all day tom and he said "like your doing now?" um yeah that wen't over like a lead ballon with wieghts attached.

I am proud of myself with my posting spree this week.
And I will probably post more later today but for now off to sit on my butt since I seem so good at it these days!

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