Saturday, May 21, 2011

So stinkin' proud of myself!

I am proud to announce I figured out how to make a blogs I read list!!!! Wootwoot!!!!

Added to at 6:35pm same day.

Well I thought I would have some interesting snippet or tale to share but nope. I have sat/lay on the couch all day getting my Glee on.
I have written what I have eaten but it ain't pretty.
4 small bb muffins through out the day. 4 tblsp smart balance. 3 brats with buns, 1-1/4 cup kraft mac n cheese. tasted some veggie dip, three petite (cause anything bigger might turn me healthy;) ) baby carrots. Oh an a coke a cola slushie. Must ban self from hucks!

Oh did I mention yesterday I had a v8?

Tonight for dinner will be a chicken and snow pea stir fry sans rice.

I also had to go and get the neighbor settled down and get her and her duaghter to the ER. I am not sure what is going on but the daughter(48) was having stomach pains and to sooth the pain her mother gave her several 500mg vicodin. Not sure how many several mean but the girl was still in pain a hour or two latter when I went over as well as going from hot to cold and back in minutes and the room spinning.
I wish I lived out in the country.
Anyhoo the husband had been over earlier and was trying to get them out the door or an ambulance called to no avail. He came back over here to the house and told me what was going on so I went back over with him. Which I can see part of the problem. The daughter is wadded up in bed and the mother is flipping out and the hubs, trying to be in control is raising his voice jacking up the level of the mom's flipped outness.
I droppped my voice and went to check on the daughter and talked to her for a minute. Then when the mom and the hubs(mine) started coming in and out of the room I, keeping my voice on the same level told him to pull their car around to the front as the front steps were shorter than the back and had the mom get the girls shoes and their purses as well as a house coat. The daughter was a good candidate for a house coat. Did I already say I wished I lived in the country?
So anyhoo I tell hubs and the mom where they need to be and get the daughter into her shoes and house coat and we get up and start making our way through the house down the steps where my husband (lord help me) lifted her against his hip instead of a craddle carry. She started struggeling and I started telling him her feet need to be on the ground or she is going to feel like she is spinning worse. We get them in the car and the daughter started hollering for me to go to. Ok ..told hubs to follow me and we manage to get them to the ER.....and into the "area of admissions and triage." And that is where they still are. Well at least I hope by now they are further back in the ER or admitted and she is getting seen to.
I will say this again, I WISH I LIVED IN THE COUNTRY! I say this only because this is the calmest interaction we have had with these neighbors. Number two is when they moved in in the middle of the night. Three would be the mom asking me (in referance to my reddish hair) if "the carpet matches the drapes?" to which the hubs answered "No...we have blinds." From there it is a escalating group of stories fit for a pub crawl!

Oh shoot! Their dog needs to be walked. Poor thing! I forgot to go and do it earlier :( send the dog good thoughts. Poor thing has to live there and depened on me to remember it today!


♫ Drazil ♪ said...

Oh good God - wow - they are lucky to have you!

Wendy said...

Lol! They are something....not sure if lucky is what I would call it. ;)