Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ready for the day to be over already!

I am ready to crawl in my bed and sleep. Sadly the gas issues are starting up again!
If they stay at the level they are ate i can manage...if not well ............

Went to see Momma tonight. The nurse meet me at the door with the news her roommate had passed away. I felt like this was going to happen soon. I am very deeply sorry for her family. I am not happy to know though that they kept my mom in the physical rehab area all day with out letting me know. I am glad she wasn't in the room for it and she has no clue that is what happened. She thinks the roommate went home. But for some reason I feel like they should have called me should she have had a bad time of it so I could be there for her and not have to be on my way there after the fact.

Food and health wise, well that is a slippery slide down a smooth hill to land in crap creek with no paddle in sight. I have let everything go. I didn't start walking Easter sunday and you know what? It is true that "in a year you will wish you started today" cause i already wish I had started and stuck with this years ago!

Well I am off. I hurt and I am burping like my life depends on it. I guess at least on the bright side it is burps and not the other way around or both ways!

edited to add....I have 7 followers now!!! OMG!!! My favorite number at that! I think I may need to take a bath in skittle to celebrate *wink* *wink* at number 7. Love your blog by the way:)


Kimberlynn said...

Hey Wendy,
I'm sorry I haven't been keeping up with you so well lately. Things have been a little bit hectic lately. I'm also sorry to hear that things are still so hard. Keep your chin up girl. And remember that even though you're dealing with stuff you can't control, you CAN control the choice to take care of YOU!!! So do it!!!

I believe in you girl.

Wendy said...

Kimberlynn I swear you make me smile so dang hard my face hurts for hours! :)
It isn't so hard as it is frustrating these days. But it is what my life has to be right now so I am trying to do my best with I may have to be reminded of that statement again in the future so don't hesitate to do so!lol

I love your new pics on your blog! And I just can't believe the awesoem loss and transformation girl! your amazing!!!! You just inspire me so much!