Thursday, May 19, 2011

Aaaahhh Thursday.

Long day already. I have been working my way through child support bureaucracy because the boy's father has not paid support for the second time now since January of this year. I have honestly tried to be nice, especially as he is a truck driver and needs his license but I am at my wits end. He told me in Febuary he would start getting padi agian in March (he quit his job because he just didn't like them...yeah in this economy really? and went in hunt of a new one)but so far hasn't. And on top of it all he tells me "I should understand because this is hard on him and his new family too." He also referred to our son as "obligation" he has to pay for. As if the boy is a bill for services rendered.
I get he has a new wife and I am happy he is blessed with one. I get that he has also made the choice to bring her to his home town with three of her children in tow and prefers to acknoledge those non blood related children as his own and his blood child as a "obligation". Ok fine. His loss missing out on the amazing person the boy is. But this blatant refusal to do his part is getting to me now. I no longer care that he keep a license to be able to drive a semi. He has done his best to do his bare minimium in this case. He has gotten behond before and I am nice enough to contact him not official shild support enforcement. But today....well today I am done with nice. I don't want him to not have a license or sit in jail but I don't want him to keep taking advantage either. I am not sure how far I will push this either though. Any suggestions? I was told I can turn him into child support for non payment and I have and that I can report his intent not to pay support which I for some reason take to mean the law gets involved. I just don't know how far to puch ya know?

I have managed to get my mom's diability there is a win for the day.

I also managed to only get two hours of sleep last night. So maybe the day is barely breaking even? And it was by force I didn't sleep. The hubs snored so loud I even heard him in the other room and for some reason I had the worest gas ever! I had a snack of triscuits yesterday and up my veggies but dang! This was bad enough that i was having to fight not throwing up when I burped and my abdomen was lumpy! WT HECK??? It was crazy bad ....I took four extra strength gas ex gel tabs and then the pepermint flavoe started to make me gag as well. I would say around 6 am is when I literally passed out from exhaustion this morning. I have had bad times of this before but never this bad. I was even to the point if I had had insurance I would have headed to the E.R. . At least the lumpy abdomen is gone this morning but I am trying to barely nibble here and there as I am worried it may start again.

We are going tonight to have dinner with momma and to change the deadbolt locks on her front door. I have this dread the night is going to be a long one and I already have a migrains starting.

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