Monday, June 27, 2011

Still alive.

We have pretty much completed the move. Can't find anything to save my life, cooking is a night mare and some how i have lost all my socks.
No wallet in sight yet....please God let it show up.
The boy and I are good. The momma is concerning me though. She went fromt he sunroom at rehab to her oom yesterday while visiting and when she didn't return in 15 minutes i went to find her and she had no clue i was there and that we had been visiting.....very, very, very concerning.
Thank you for the good thoughts and prayers. Lord know i appreciate them. Will be back more regularly when we have internet set up at home.
Hope everyone else is doing good:)

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The Path Traveled said...

I hope you find the billfold soon, I was sure it would have been in the packing, and still could be.
Write down all your thoughts about your mom and what she says or does. On good days, ask her questions and bring up memorys. It helps!