Tuesday, June 7, 2011


well still haveing some issues with the attitudes at the picnic today. I heard from a member of the group that they thought what i had chosen to bring...or the mentality of it should have been what the whole group did. That we should have hd a "healthy" meal as out picnic not 12 versions of mayo potato salad and such. Don't get me wrong I likes a tater as much as the next person. A fry you up some onion and white taters....oooowwweeee good stuff people!
But anywho I was like "um ok....then why didn't you say anything?" didn't bother to ask why that person was one of the people picking at me for my food choices.
I am tring hard not to become disenchanted but the shiney is definatly off the new. :(

I am also pretty sure "crappiness" follows me around these days. I ran into a Huck's convience store earlier to get a drink. Well i got a unsweet tea and while i was pouring it some guy comes up and says "hey fatty, sweet enough for you?" i was like did you just call me ...and hesays" yeah i asked if it was sweet enough for you fatty." what the hell? I don't know this guy from Adam and I honestly have no clue where he was coming or going. I pointed at the sign that said unsweet tea and just looked at him. The awesome part.....not one of the other people standing at the drink station said a word to the guy. I know some of them heard him because they were staring at us.

Well the migraine fom this weekend is back and for some reason my legs/shin/calf are killing me tonight.

Night all.

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Pam's Path said...

#1 The nerve of some people!! Haven't you thought of a million things you could have said to this guy AFTER the fact? Unbelievable!!
#2 So why are you in this group?!!? Do you usually get a lot of encouragement from them or is this the way they usually are??

Keep up the good work. You have to do what is best for you when it comes to food. Dont let them get ya down.