Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Had mom's care plan meeting.
She is not coming ome like the nurse said. Apparently thy feel she will not ever be able to come home or do assisted living.
Had the weight loss group picnic today. Headache in and of it's own self. The highlight of it was that several people commented bcause i wouldn't eat the hot dogs. I brough turky and I brought extra to share. I ha tomato, lettuce and healthy buns to eat them on. I also brought fresh fruit and a small veggie tray. I ate none of the desserts, chips mayo based items or such and it was waorse than being at your italian grandma's for dinner. "Eat some of this" "try this" "why aren't the hot dogs good enough for you?" yes some one aked tat. i said they were find but i had wanted turkey burgers instead so i picked some up and then it became try to get wendy to eat a hot dog day. I had so many food pusers coming at me and those who weren't hard core pushing were telling me "well you haveto have treats now and then" i get that but i have done almot 37 years of reats no and then and fr me there hve been way to many now and thens. Everyone examined my food choice because, well i guess becuase they could and made some comment as to why i was trying to be so healthy. One lady even said "I don't everwant to be that healthy...yuck!"
I don't get it.

more later...the boy is hollering for me.....

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Debbie said...

Hey at least your stuck to your food choices. I hate it when people try and push food on me.