Sunday, June 5, 2011

When I can't sleep ...Or more commonly known as my youtube addiction

Hello my name is wendy and i have a problem. I am addicted to youtube and when i can't sleep i tend to watch way too much stuff off of it.
One night I watched the whole Little House mini series ....did you know there was one? And that Melissa Gilbert is not in it? You should youtube it.

but tonight I need humor so please....humor me;)

This guy rocks my socks...old enough to be my daddy but with those lungs I could so over look the age thing. Well if i wasn't married and he promised to sing for me on demand;) And if he wasn't married as well.

Little known fact about me....I used to rock this song. I had three bands ask me to join becuase of this song. SSShhhh the hubs doesn't even know that detail about me.

My son rolls his eyes at this one when it plays. (sorry the video is so cheesy but it is classic Meat Loaf and what goes better with meatloaf than cheese?lol)I keep trying to tell him he needs to know his Meat day Meat Loaf will be the reason his wife marries him. You should see the eye rolls that gets me!

Anyhoo aside from sharing how I humor myself when I can't sleep I am also sharing a years long goal of mine. I want to go see Meat Loaf in concert. He has come withing three hours of my home but each time something has happened and going to the concert didn't.

And when I listen to him sing I get the "maybes". Maybe one day I will get to see him sing in person. Maybe one day I will finally learn to play piano because of him. For some reason his music makes me want to play piano. Maybe one day he and I could hang out one afternoon and he can tell me how the heck he kept on keeping on with everything so negative around him. Maybe I can tell him that when the day is just that bad or I need to take some time out I go driving at the lakes just me and him singing duets at the top of our lungs ;) we have actually gotten pretty tight on this one...

well this one too....

this one we can probably do for an encore....just saying ;)

Sorry this turned into a Meat Loaf Love Fest. I do watch other things on your tube. But gosh I love his music and voice! The emotion is there in every note and letter! And he has a song for every twist and turn of the roller coaster we call life.

I promise this post reflects all of my own unpaid opinions. Meat Loaf doesn't know me and didn't ask as a favor from me and my awesomenss to talk about him. Although if he did shoot me an email or called and asked me too I would definatly do so and let all yall know how nice he probably was when he asked. I would have to let him know I am not happy abotu the name change. Marvin was a perfectly fine name and there are already so many Micheals in the could have left well enough alone there Meat.

Good grief I need some sleep I think I have definatly crossed into looney land!lol

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