Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Making my way back to "normal".

Well week two or is it three back in my home town and in my momma's house is begining/begun. It is so strange having my son in my old room andmy self in another bed room and just being here in general.
I was sitting on the couch last night and realized how much i missed the "old comofortable pair of shoes" my momma's home is to me.

In other news I rejoined weight watchers and last week ate like normal 95% of the time to just see how bad i really do. Yeah i suck.....but it is ok. Weighed in yesterday and still manage to loose 7.8lbs. I hit 5% as well yeserday from my starting point and have manage to loose 19.8 pounds in all. Can I get DAMN GIRL! in here? lol
This week I am watching what i eat and choosing wisely while still tracking it all as i go. i want to see how uch better i can do and what doing better can do for me.

Not much else. Hope everyone's fourth was good. Mine was...well if you don't coun't getting hit in the head TWICE by bottle rockets! And I ws theonly one to get whacked with em! Even then it was still kind of funny...ofh and my son managed to land one of those rocket space ship fire works type deals on the neighbor's mercedees. Yeah a benz and my kid whacked it with a should have seen my face! No damage thank you God!

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