Saturday, July 23, 2011

Insert Catchy Title Here.....

What a day!
It all started so ideally. I got up and got ready and went to the farmers market and bought some fabulous local prodouce. Then I went to a bakery a few streets over and bought some wonderful farm house wheat bread (just a teeny tiny round of it...couple pieces of toast here and there, maybe a sandwich)and a potatoe and bacon quiche. And four iced sugar cookies for my mom (who is still in rehab).

I then came home and started some laundry a pretended to do house work. Well about 10:30 am I got a call from a odd number. It hung up before I could answer and the voice mail was from a friend. I called back and said friend is wanting to borrow a weed eater from me because "he threw his cell phone out the door last night and has spent two hours looking for it in the weeds and can't find it" people know to hang up at this point. I am not smart apparently. Well some one starts screaming in the background and the phone goes dead. Again smart people (one of which I am not) just go on and don't call back. I called back and proceed to get cussed and blessed out by his wife. I made a very rude comment and hung up.

I have been called everything but white by this woman today. She says that since I am talking to another woman's husband I am trash and messing with him. Never mind he and I have known each other since I was a sophmore in high school and that is as far as anything we will or would ever be will be.
She proceeds to make more ugly comments and of course I, again a smart person wouldn't but I did, returned them in kind.
I am beyond ashamed.
She keeps texting me after I told her that if they are going to act like this I want nothing to do with either of them thank you very much.
And then it gets even more fun....She decided to start making phyiscal threats towards me.

Well with out sharing too much of what isn't mine to share this woman is not someone I would call "well balanced". So since she knows where I live and after some of the threats that were made were made I called the local police dept to check on what can be done.

Did you know in Ky if the party is in another county you might as well just go ahead and call the state police..... neither county has jurisdiction in the other. She is in another county from mine. We could live next door and if said line goes between the house it is state police business.

But I digress. I talked to an officer four hours later. He is going to call and smooth it over. He has called her and called me back and she states I stalk them and have been trying to break them up. The officer stated he told her not to be a child....I assume becuase 1) I have no clue where they live or a desire to find out and 2)I have been married with my husband for almost 12 years and as he knows us he finds it highly unlikely that I am the type of person she swears I am.
Unofficialy I happend to get a officer that is a long time friend. Honestly unplanned I just called and asked for assitance.
But he explained she has no need to contact me or come around me. End of subject.

I would like to say I feel better.... but I don't.
I would like to say my happy day that is now poopy could be happy again if I took a nap or feed some won't
Part of me owes her an apology for being a jerk to her. Well let's be honest a bitch is really whoo is was to her.
I wish I felt worse about this friendship that has abruptly ended....I am more upset about my ruined good day.
I feel bad about it...being upset more over the ruined good day and not the friendship.

On other topics .....
I think I am trying to start a kidnery infection. You know that twitch you get on the left or right side of your back that twinges like a shock and hurts with out warning...yeah it is here every few minutes. Great since I have no insurance and therefore no affordable dr.

I gained almost 5 pounds this last weigh in. I feel like dang it just typing that. So my 19 bumps back to 14ish lbs of a loss.

It has been six plus weeks since I have seen the hubs. I moved to moms to take care of the home she owns and her. It was too much driving two hours round trip just about every day (sometimes twice a day) to handle everything. The hubs rented an apartment and stayed behind because I refuse for him to quit his job and be jobless here. It is bad enough one of us is unemployeed. This really sucks and I am really missing him.

Oh and I ate the sugar cookies I bought for mom. I was stressed and yeah....they didn't stand a chance.

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