Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Long day, stupid people are now going to cost me 4.99 a month and I think they sprinkle crack on these bunny crackers.

Well I tracked all my food so far today...well all but the two slices of bacon pizza, bunny crackers and siera mist I am presently drinking.

Yeah and before this "dinner" commenced I was 3 pp into my weeklies.....damn it.

I went to the farmer's market today and like Saturday it was all good in the hood and then went to poop. More on that in a minute. I also went to look at puppies. They were supposed to be chocolate labs. If they were labs I am the Easter Bunny. After that I ran and picked up items mom requested and took them to her. She was in a "fine" mood. Not sure what has had her twisted up the past few days but I hope it is just a phase. Then I went to grocery store and then home thinking "ah my day can be short one today and i can get home and do some job hunting and house work.".....no such luck....

The dynamic duo from Saturday started in again today so I went to At&t to have them blocked. Oh they are blocked alright...so is every other dang person from calling in or me from calling out!!!! What the heehaw At&t???? Going back tomorrow and try to get it fixed.

I have found a new totally yummy snack...Annie's bunny snack mix. They are these cheese, buttery and pretzel snack cracker mix that are AMAZING! I am pretty sure they must be baking something extra in them as I am not usually this nutso over cheese crackers or pretzels.

Question for anyone still reading here....when you have stayed in your points, calories, carbs or whatever number range you follow to loose weight do you ever find your self screwing it up? Like today I had only gone 3 pp over until 45 minutes ago and I didn't think I just ate. I am thinking I was still somewhat hungry but not two pieces of pizza and bunny mix hungry. i would say I have now gone 30 + pp over for the day...ain't that some crap?

Why do I willingly sabotage myself like this?

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The Path Traveled said...

I have been guilty sabotaging my self the last two weeks. I dont know why I have done that, but my calorie intake has been from 1400 to 1500 and I always try to stay 1200 to 1300. I seem to be having the same pep talk every night with myself only to find my self taking over the next day. Its not what Im eating, its how much! I need to get focused and get back on the path. I do NutriMirror and have for two years. Check out some of my posts on my blog.