Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Goings Ons.

Well I thought by now I would feel better about yesterday but I don't
Well maybe it isn't just yesterday bothering me.
I feel upset still over the mess with the friend and his wife. I am ashamed of how I acted. That is not the person I want to be or become again. I am upset over how she thinks of me. That is not who I am and I have never nor will I ever think to try to take another woman's significant other.
I am still trying to figure out how a call to borrow a weed eater spiraled so screwedly out of the atmosphere like that did. There is something missing to this whole story and I hate that. I would rather know specifically what I did so I can not do it again or correct it.

My head and stomach have been torn up all night. Over yesterday, stress in general, and I guess just because they can. I have drank pepto like it is water and inhaled water like it is air trying to get things calmed and soothed. At least the excederine lessened the headache to a dull roar.

Today the boy and I are going to get the momma for dinner later. In between now and then I am going to hit up the grocery store and pull out my weight watchers material and reread it. I need to refocus and get this weight going...going...gone already! Or at least going...I have too much to get rid of for "gone" to be used yet;p

I am also planning for a bike ride after the sun is down and it hopefully cools off some tonight. Cross your fingers for me.

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