Thursday, April 28, 2011

Woohoo sunshine!!!!

Well we finally have sun again! And it is the shining of the bright green grass kind to boot! FYI.... I am in one of the states that has been hit repeatedly by storms recently and while not as bad as some of the other poor folks we have still had more than our fair share! I am a lover of a good rainey day watching some movies,knitting,reading hanging with the boy and maybe even getting a nap in but the stuff we have had lately is redonkulus!

I would like to report a loss but since we had such bad weather the group I weigh with didn't meat so I won't have any "official" numbers until next Tuesday. But that is ok! I have also sort of hit a tracking calories speed bump since Easter Sunday. But today I am back in the game and i refuse to beat myself up over it. I didn't plan to track on Easter and then the weather kept knocking the power out and ya know what? It is all ok. Seriously!

I did have some upsetting news though. Mom's coverage through insurance ends on May 6th at the rehab facility. So I and a wonderful woman at the hospital are running around headless trying to get her covered under disability and such so she can still get the care she needs. I just wish they would have told me this when she was admitted....not less than two weeks before it is due to happen. But it is ok. We are getting it taken care of and I have a phone interview on monday for her disability case so things will be the best they can be and I will be happy with it.

So I am doing my best to not to my worest and I will hang on to being happy and ok tooth and nail!

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Kimberlynn said...

Hi Wendy...we've been getting hit with those same storms. It's been rough. It's good to hear you're all okay. Keep up the good work.