Thursday, April 21, 2011


Well we made it through the storms Tuesday night. I actually slept pretty soundly except for some moments of sort of waking up. I had to sort of wake up to seprate the kitties who were all nutso in the butso. I don't think the storms were the problem, or at least not all of it. They would zoom through the bed room around the bed and across. Sometimes they would stop and wrestle each other and I would so so wake up and part the fur.

On getting healthy related news I am doing awesome (if I do say so myself) with keeping up with my calorie counting. I have tracked for three and a quarter days (today isn't over so I can't say four yet ;) )and while one day I met and was defeated by some devil Klondike bars I am bouncing back superbly (again if i do say so myself).
I have not figured up the comparison to points plus because I didn't realize fiber is not listed....hhhmmm.

Not much else other wise. Just some really cold temps which makes me glad to have so I don't have to turn on the air conditioner and doing laundry. Fun times huh?

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