Sunday, August 21, 2011

No good, rotten, very bad weekend......

I went clothes shopping this weekend. I am effing miserable.






This is normally what makes a woman have her "aha" moment. And Gawd knwos i have had my fair share of them. Hell earlier last week (Monday after weightwatchers) some unknown dud walked up to me at the park's tennis courts and hands me a card saying "when weight watchers doesn't work call me i can make you loose the weight" ok thanks. He handed me a card for some fruit and veggie drink supplement (which might i add he couldn't even tell me what was in it except for "good stuff" which butt head is not true in my case. Your product has shellfish in it....of which I am allergic!

But any way I was astounded he just came up to me like that. And then i prayed he just didn't think I was so horrendously fat he had a "right or duty" to help me and jumped up to look in my vehicle to see if my weight watchers stuff was out where he could have seen it wasn't. I am just that fat that now strangers feel they must come to my aid.

So yeah back to the clothes nightmare.....nothing at lane bryant fit unless i like tight and sleeveless. Avenue and Fashion bug, both usually somewhat of a fall damn luck. Catherines had something....but nothing i could afford or deal with. And when the heck do clothing makers decide they will just attach a necklace to the shirt and save me the troubkle of picking my own? Especially as i hate necklaces!

So now i will be wearing some slightly tight pants, a black cami and a shirt i can not button over my stomach to a job interview. I have a pic of it on my facebook if anyone still reading wants to check it out. I can't figure out how to get it posted here though. if you wanna see here is a link!/profile.php?id=51801593

But the bigger problem is this should be a wake up, aha moment, hello??? call or something and i just don't care. I am dissapointed and upset and hurting but yeah.....woohoo friggin hoo. And the shat of it? If i get the job where the he// am i gonna find clothes to where?

Another note.....a "high" point if you will.....(i am choking on the sarcasm) I am pretty much gonna quiit weightwatchers. I just pay to go. I don't follow it and haven't been. The more I focus on food and counting of things the more i want.

I have found two other i meh.
here is the one I like.

It is a 13 week class offered here in town and I like what the guy is saying. I mean do i treat myself better if I don't even like myself?

the one i am mehing is

a girl i know first hand has tried it and is at 41 pounds lost and has energy and appetite control. both i could use.

I dunno folks. Someone do me a solid and sort me out ok? I at least hide the oreos.

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The Path Traveled said...

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