Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday fiddle fartin' around.

Dropped the boy at school. Dropped of my dress shirt at the cleaners....maybe haveing it pressed will schnazzy it up some. Hit up thr grocery store and had the idea of doing a eat in challange of myself. Nevermind i had just rolled through micky d's and gotten a number 11 with a unsweet two splenda tea:)

So this idea is to see how much eating in my son and i can do. I will permit one eat out night because we take momma out once a week at least.....maybe two nights. But also when we do go out for that meal it must be as healthy as i can do it.

I am also going to add a side of eating mostly from what is in the freezer and not "eating out at home" by going to store on a whim for any new recipies i just found tht look yummy. And a side of soda free.....i miss you already sierra mist as well as healthy carbing it. "The whitter the meal the sooner you'll keel.....over that is!" ;p

I am tracking a la wieghtwatchers today. I plan on going to the meeting. I also have to get this head of hair cut and colored along with a dozen other what ever comes out in the wash is what gets done and what doesn't well....doesn't.

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