Friday, August 26, 2011

I don't like me.

And I think this is a huge wall in the way of my getting healthy and losing weight(among other things).

I read all over God's creation how we have to like love our selves in order to break free and loose and get healthy. But i don't like me so where does that leave me? And what about others like me?

I know I have good intentions but then again.....isn't the road to hell paved with them? And ironically, as Dante says "we carry our hell within ourselves" (not sure about the exactness of the quote) which I totally agree with.

So If I am making my way to my inner hell with my own intentions how messed up does that make me? Or my effort to loose this weight.

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The Path Traveled said...

God has a way of letting us know that when we make up our mind, turn it over to him, we can do anything with his help. If you read some of my past blog posts you will see that I have felt this same way you are talking about. I think everyone goes through the not liking themselves phase sometimes in their life. I try not to let that thought push its way to the front of my brain and when I do, I ask God to help me. Without him I can not do this. Hugs!