Sunday, May 24, 2015

Any one still reading this? I figured I would try this again... It has been a long 4 years. We survived mom's strokes....if you wanna call it that. I have found a job I love. Also I have found a new man to love. The ex .. the ex is now an ex for a good reason. He had moved on without telling me when I moved here to take care of mom. He was supposed to follow but he found a reason to stay where he was. I hope he does better by her than he did me. No, really I do. My job is awesome. I am the social services person at a nursing home. Something I never thought I could do. Some days it is hard. Some ddays one of my people pass and break my heart. Some days I get to send people back home with their loved ons. Other days I just work and work. The building I am now, my second facility, feels like family and that is a blessing. I have never had that before. The new .. well not so new...we have been together 2 wonderful. He is 40 years old nd from Illinois. He is one of 3 brothers. He is a widower. Which was hard at first. Dating a widower was in my top 3 "Not gonna date" categories. 1 (being no one with kids. 3)no one with jail time/substance abuse issues. Not that either of those two make someone a bad peraon. They are just two categories I know I can't handle But I digress. I never though a relationship could be what this one is. He is truly my better half. For now that is all. -W

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